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Functions for all Types

Hopefully this list will make your life easier when it comes to figuring out your functions. 


INFJ: Ni, Fe, Ti, Se

INTJ: Ni, Te, Fi, Se

ENTP: Ne, Ti, Fe, Si

ENFP: Ne, Fi, Te, Si


ESFJ: Fe, Si, Ne, Ti

ENFJ: Fe, Ni, Se, Ti

ISFP: Fi, Se, Ni, Te

INFP: Fi, Ne, Si, Te


ESTJ: Te, Si, Ne, Fi

ENTJ: Te, Ni, Se, Fi

ISTP: Ti, Se, Ni, Fe

INTP: Ti, Ne, Si, Fe


ISTJ: Si, Te, Fi, Ne

ESTP: Se, Ti, Fe, Ni

ISFJ: Si, Fe, Ti, Ne

ESFP: Se, Fi, Te, Ni


Going In Depth: Functions

Now that I’ve kind of reviewed some of the various functions, let’s discuss them more in detail. Understanding functions can help you greatly when it comes to understanding people and, especially, typing them. Personality types can resemble each other very greatly but, on the level of functions, their differences become quite obvious. Here is a very basic example:

My functions: Ne Ti Fe Si

Ne: sees patterns as a web

Ti: uses logical statements to see reality 

Fe: empathy, what others think

Si: uses past experience to shape present behavior 

ENFP Functions: Ne Fi Te Si

Ne: see patterns as a web

Fi: strong moral code “developed internally”

Te: organizing logic

Si: past experiences shape present behavior 


On the front, it is easy for one to say, “oh, they must be really similar.” However, they way I truly see the world differs greatly from an ENFP, even though we are only one letter away. While we are similar on the front, when you get to the internal mechanics there is a different story. Whereas I enjoy making decisions and processing through Ti an ENFP feels much more compelled to funnel information through their strong moral system (Fi). Hopefully this example sheds light on why functions are important. In the next post I will clarify each individual function. 

Taxi Cab Driving Private Investigator Writer Editor, and Buy a Fucking House

Remember how I mentioned I can do whatever I want? I’m going to be a cab driver. And I’m going to make sure I work for a private investigator. I want to be able to financially support my writing habit. I’m going to be being paid relatively steadily for writing and editing, which is a great start for having only marketed myself as a professional for just over a year. 

I’m also going to buy a house with a great friend of mine – partly because I can stand her for extended amounts of time, partly because I want to save money, and partly because I want a rich, creative atmosphere (she, too, is a writer/editor creative person). 

Here is the plan:

  • Save up at least 15k combined
  • Put a down payment on a house ( x < 35k )
  • Take out a mortgage 
  • Knock down any shitty walls
  • Replace flooring with nice hardwood
  • Add pretty light fixtures
  • Paint walls
  • Have studio – style house that I actually own (with someone)

It can, and it will, be done. The goal of 2014 is to buy a house and get an office. I’m on a roll. 

Yeah, Whatever.

I’m majoring in business and music. Frankly, I’m tired of listening to what others think I should or shouldn’t do. Well, really I never really listened. But I listened to that little normal voice in my head. It said, and I quote:

“Noooooo, you must get a degree in superneurobiooptical engineering instead of playing music and doodling business plans. How are you going to make money with those doodles?”

Know what, Mr. Normal Part of Brain? Math doesn’t make me fan girl scream like Steam Powered Giraffe does. Doing intellectual grunt work doesn’t move me the way music does. I’m not going to make much of a change in a job where I feel I have no creativity. Since I’ve carpe diem’d out (not a verb; go away) I’ve been much happier emotionally. Isn’t that the point of life? Being happy? Doing what you enjoy? Feeling passion? 

If I derive enjoyment from travelling to Michigan in the freezing cold to see a band perform, then by all that makes up the universe I will bloody do it. It’s a stress reliever. When I’m less stressed, I’m more productive. So there. This is my life. Hell, I might even get a Tumblr. It’s like Reddit meets Imgur with less assholes and more fandom. Right? Don’t get me wrong; I’m an Imgurian all the way. But I might just branch out. I’m going to go nuts and make a Tumblr account. So there. 

And I’m going to watch The Notebook and Donnie Darko. 


Because I can. 

Because allegedly The Notebook is going to make me cry and I don’t believe it. 


College Essays

The semester draws to an end fast. You’ve gotta study and ain’t nobody got has the time for editing essays within an inch of their creative lives.

Want someone legit for realz legitimate to edit your college essays? Look no further.

Free Stuff and Short Stories

Short stories have always been very interesting to me. The flow of the text differs greatly from that of a regular novel and I never really thought I could write a short story. How was I supposed to convey a message in so short of a space? How was I supposed to evoke a myriad of emotions from the reader? Or even just one powerful one?

After taking a science fiction course and getting some of that reading under my belt, I have been gathering more ideas for stories. My creativity has nearly been overwhelming. It’s gotten to the point that I’m going to compile these ideas into one book. 

And I’m giving it away. 

For a period of time. 

I feel like it would be great to share these ideas and for those who can’t afford to just go around buying books, for the first few months it will be completely, totally, 100% free. No five finger discounts needed. I’m actually kind of excited. I don’t really have a time frame other than the one that my excitement has been imposing upon myself. It would be great, also, to have readers give me feedback on my writing. That’s all for now; I will post the story to this blog when I finish it. 

Sam stood up angrily; his eyes vicious.

“You can’t fucking do this!” he shouted. “We’ve been starving, dying of thirst and avoiding disease! My goddamn arms have been practically blistering from whatever the fuck kind of God forsaken disease I have and I’m not taking this shit! I’ m fucking done! I’m fucking over it! I’m not going to fucking-” he cried. His rage turned to terror. 

“Fuck! Someone get some water! My fucking arms are on fire!” There was nothing there. He stretched his lanky arms out and shook them vigorously, his face contorting grotesquely. Rob’s head pounded harder. He was about collapse.

As Rob stared on in shock, he saw a glow.

A flame a sparked. 

Then another.

A crackling ensued and a calmness took the breath of all in the room. Before Rob could process anything, Sam’s arms were engulfed.