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Welcome to MBTI

My name is Sarah, and I am an ENTP. I am moderately (perhaps overly) obsessed with MBTI. Thus, it makes sense that I start a blog to rant ferociously write about and discuss MBTI, one of my favourite systems.

What is MBTI?

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is a system used to define the variety of ways people perceive the world. There are 16 types which fall under 4 categories. These preferences create these different types, making us almost unique little butterflies.  These categories are known as Idealist (NF), Rational (NT), Artisan (SP) and Guardian (SJ)

A Little More Nitty-Gritty

There are four letters assigned to each type. Here is an overview of the four dichotomies that are analyzed:

  • Introversion vs. Extroversion (I/E)
  • Sensing vs. Intuition (S/N)
  • Thinking vs. Feeling (T/F)
  • Perceiving vs. Judging (P/J)

Later, we can discuss the functions that make up types. For now, let’s stick to the basics.



About minimalnomad

If you're into MBTI, I'm an ENTP. I enjoy pursuing a more minimal life, and traveling as often as I can. I'd say I spend all of my free money on travelling. I lead a life of great adventure and reflection. I'm involved in marketing and writing, and may go back into professionally editing again. Basically, I just yolo around America and, soon, the world.

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  1. A fascinating topic. I still can’t believe the insight INTP articles that I have read had into my own brain.

    • Oh yes. I’ve read a lot of articles on the various types. It’s helped me to understand people a little better and even myself.


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