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Monthly Archives: January 2013

I Have Writer’s Block

I’m seriously afflicted, and I’m not talking about the minor cold I’ve come down with, or any potential mental illnesses. I’m talking about The Thing. Yes, that Thing that we have all read about and probably dealt with on numerous occasions.

Writer’s block. 

So what am I doing in the face of writer’s block? I’m writing.

Meditating, staring at the computer screen, and researching random facts hasn’t cured it so far.The best I can do is provide a picture of how I feel.


It is almost like there is some scary, super angry, super hungry monster in my head that needs to feed upon my good ideas and render me unable to express them in the medium I desire to. Fortunately, it seems to go into hibernation for very extended periods of time. I only hope that period of hibernation comes soon.