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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Grammar Nazi

I try to contain myself when people use improper grammar around me- it’s simply impolite to correct people all the time. However, I have discovered an alarming number of errors in media which irk me to no end. I have decided to wage a war on improper grammar as there is no excuse for people to write so blatantly improperly when the context of the crime is within a major news source.

The first step of this campaign is to tweet my frustrations. Isn’t that what people do?


Different Turtles

The best words that come out of my mouth are the ones that I hardly think about. This may be slightly counter-intuitive- or perhaps completely so- to many; however, in my case, I find that the words I speak are often the truth about what I think, how I feel, or how I perceive. A friend asked me to tell him stories, anything, because he wanted to know who I was. This is how I responded:

Who I am isn’t where I’ve been, although it does add to who I am. It’s like walking from the sand to the ocean. The experience doesn’t make me a different kind of turtle, but it might make me different from other turtles.

Don’t take me for egotistical- I don’t normally quote myself. However, this was a concept I myself had not consciously recognized. Some people think too hard about what they write. Writing should never be forced. Now, that isn’t to say that one shouldn’t revise the daylights out of what they have written. However, when your foundation is forced, you won’t have the same passionate emphasis. I suppose it all depends on the purpose of your writing.

If you find yourself stuck in writing, just let it out. Literally. Typing or writing without thinking is a powerful thing, if you know how to use it correctly.

Valentine’s Day Poetry?

To my dear Benjamin Franklin.
I glance upon soft whispering eyes,
Your mind soars,
And your heart sighs,
Oft the dreams of what ought to be, 
Stretch before your mind, an open sea,
Whilst- pen to paper- you jot your words,
Lace covered knives that should pierce like swords,
For ’twas the nature of that ne’er shy irony,
And though some drew fast their long-held blinds,
Others heeded and used their minds.

Onward and Forward!

It’s kind of tempting to start a video blog.

In other news, I’ve determined that methylphenidate (used to treat ADD and ADHD) is writer’s block in a pill.

While it has some benefits, I find that when I have not taken it my imagination is much more vivid and words flow from my brain to my fingertips like wine in a Dionysus celebration. Thus, I shall don my metaphorical olive branch crown and write, with only coffee and insane ideas to fuel me! Okay, I’ll stop with the slight mythological inaccuracies here.

In other news, my ghostwriting job has been put on hold for a short bit of time due to an unfortunate happening in my co-writer’s life. It really is a very disheartening matter. For now, I shall press forward and onward with my current novel! Writing a novel is very difficult, as I knew it would be. There are too many thoughts going through my mind and not enough order. It would be kind of nice to be able to express my ideas and get help, but I am rather paranoid about people taking my ideas.