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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Self-Help Meets Drill Instructor

That is how you should be able to describe your writing mentality. You must always be thinking two things:

“How can I make my writing even better, in a way that reflects my intentions in portrayal of emotion or depiction in scenes?”



Seriously. A lot of people seem to have one or the other. You should have both. What these two voices represent are:

1. Desire

2. Drive

If you have drive, but not desire, you’ll be bored out of your mind. If you have desire, yet no drive, you are more likely to end up as a struggling artist. So far, I have made over $800 freelance writing (7 jobs).

That’s over $100 a job, and most of them don’t even take me that long. The bulk of my money has come in the last week ($650…yes, it really happened) and that is because I have been obsessively submitting proposals, yet not skimping out on the passion I have for writing.

Don’t embark on such a quest trying to make money, because money doesn’t make you passionate- it gives you drive. There is a difference. Money comes in many forms, but passion does not (with regard to each individual).

It takes a bit of persistence, but it is really just a game of getting your foot in the door. It is a door that slams shut, so be a little cautious. If you keep just staring at the door, opening and closing, and think about how you are a failure- well, in all likelihood you’ll become one.


Creative Insanity Seeks Student

I think I’m crazy.

A wack-job with nuttiness comparable to Jack Kerouac or Hunter S. Thompson. I’m posting this because I don’t want you to feel alone if you feel insane too. I eat handfuls of coffee beans so I can stay up later working.

I write books, full papers, practice music, blog, and watch Game of Thrones every week, with other little events. Oh yeah, and I’m in school.

Ain’t nobody got the time for that.

Except people who have coffee beans at their disposal.

I’m super intense. It scares me sometimes. It confuses others. I’m the most volatile, angry person at times (although I’m getting better at internalizing it) and other times I am the most loving, passionate person.

Okay, so I’m always passionate- it’s just not always for good reasons.

I can be the most detached or sympathetic person you have ever met. I will shout the highest of praises to doves in the sky or I will tear your work into the ground before dumping spaghetti sauce on it and letting ants feast away the work which you tried your best to please me with.

I do know one thing- I’m the greatest of teachers. I’m arguably one of the greatest people in the world at simplifying concepts, and retaining information. This means I can teach you to retain information and apply it.

Correctly. Doing anything other than your best is failure. So don’t be a failure.

I will teach you how to write well. With passion. With detail. With bad ass dialogue. Who wants a book that is second rate? Nobody.

You want the reader to put down the book and go-

“Well I’ll be damned. That book had so much going on in it, it was well crafted, and the characters felt so real.”

I’m going to start doing pep talks. I might not be so hyped up all the time, but this is what you are getting for now. If you want my writing services, feel free to contact me. I’m more than happy to offer advice.

Crackin’ Down, Cracked Out (On Coffee Beans)

Just ate a handful of coffee beans.


I do love coffee, but I need to be caffeinated NOW! Don’t cower dear reader; this is only the beginning.

I’m going to be up all night, dedicated to working on a book I need to write. Writers write. I’m a writer. I gotta crack down.


Losing Marbles, Rapidly

I have way too much to do right now, and too little organization. I’m going to construct a list, and burn through it. If I am not held accountable for my actions, who knows where they will go?

  • Finish second ghostwriting book
  • Finish resume
  • Begin article-writing project
  • Apply for editing internship
  • Finish two academic papers
  • See a jazz concert

Slowly, my life is turning into that of the writer-academic. Unfortunately, my mind is scattered. I’m like a bag of marbles that has ruthlessly been torn open.

I’m literally losing marbles right now.

To Sequel, or Not to Sequel. A Story of Rock Climbers and Potential Baldness

That is the question looming in my mind.

Wait, wait, wait just a darn minute. You haven’t even written book one yet. 

Ah, yes, my friends. Thank you for reminding me.

So why in tarnation are you already planning a sequel? Isn’t that like planning to go to Stanford when you are in middle school?

Actually, dear readers, had I planned to go to Stanford, I would be in Stanford right now. Too often in life have I not planned enough and time slips away quickly. It’s like a penguin on a glacier. There’s no stopping it. I was just finishing up the outline, with some interesting details added into the plot, and then I came to it.

The cliff hanger. 

I both love and loathe cliff hangers. I didn’t know what to do about it. In fact, I don’t know what to do about it. Should I rescue my poor rock climber? Should I leave him hanging, like a ’90’s, rejected high five? Here I stand, upon a precipice, and I ponder to myself now: what to do? 

I’ve begun my research into writing sequels, and let me tell you, it is a religious experience. Suddenly I am confronted with:

Even if your first book is successful, you probably won’t make a living off one book.

If readers love the first book, they might just want a second book.

If they want a second book, suddenly your editor, publisher, fans, and critics will all demand equal or greater literary achievement. 

If all these folks demand greater literary achievement, you will want to tear your hair out. 

Thus, if you write a successful first book, you may just end up bald. 

What a terrifying prospect. I’ve been so focused on “I’m a writer I’m writing I’m writing a book I’m pushing forward go go go go GO! GET IT DONE!” that I didn’t really stop to think about what would happen when I cross the finish line. Do I prepare for the next marathon? How do I keep my creative juices flowing?

So many questions. I’m probably still up at nearly 5 in the morning due to the fact I had a nice large cup of coffee. Now that I’ve released this mental block, I’m off to further my outline.

Video Games and Writing

I’ve done it. I will finally have published work that has my name on it. Soon, I will be providing articles on anything and everything related to games- as well as the hardware involved, on top of all sorts of other electronics-related work. Needless to say, I am elated.

These are two of my favorite things- video games and writing. I’ve been playing video games for the last 12 years of my life, and I’ve been writing for at least 8. The idea that I get to combine them into one entity thrills me to no end. Of course, we all know what this means…

One more reason to buy the latest and greatest. For work, you know?

I had writer’s block again. Again. For the second time the other night. I was upstairs, being productive…


And that’s when it slapped me. Abstract decided to make a home elsewhere.


I was being so productive, and it just crept up on me. I had a 50 page book due in about a week, and writer’s block decides to rear it’s nasty head. I didn’t try to fight it like last time.

Instead, I hijacked a can of Beefaroni in a coup d’état. 


and raced upstairs.


ate myself into oblivion


and was content.


On the bright side, I finished that writing job, and I was told it was great! I’ll be getting more work shortly, which is excellent.

The only downside is I had to not only write a full book, I also had to edit it myself- in about a week. Not to mention find time for school, work, and Game of Thrones. Did I mention I’m a really big nerd?

Anyway, that’s the conclusion of my notes.