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I had writer’s block again. Again. For the second time the other night. I was upstairs, being productive…


And that’s when it slapped me. Abstract decided to make a home elsewhere.


I was being so productive, and it just crept up on me. I had a 50 page book due in about a week, and writer’s block decides to rear it’s nasty head. I didn’t try to fight it like last time.

Instead, I hijacked a can of Beefaroni in a coup d’état. 


and raced upstairs.


ate myself into oblivion


and was content.


On the bright side, I finished that writing job, and I was told it was great! I’ll be getting more work shortly, which is excellent.

The only downside is I had to not only write a full book, I also had to edit it myself- in about a week. Not to mention find time for school, work, and Game of Thrones. Did I mention I’m a really big nerd?

Anyway, that’s the conclusion of my notes.


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  1. It’s hard to be a nerd and work on the Internet! It’s so deliciously distracting. And Game of Thrones is intensely distracting. Good luck to you!


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