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Losing Marbles, Rapidly

I have way too much to do right now, and too little organization. I’m going to construct a list, and burn through it. If I am not held accountable for my actions, who knows where they will go?

  • Finish second ghostwriting book
  • Finish resume
  • Begin article-writing project
  • Apply for editing internship
  • Finish two academic papers
  • See a jazz concert

Slowly, my life is turning into that of the writer-academic. Unfortunately, my mind is scattered. I’m like a bag of marbles that has ruthlessly been torn open.

I’m literally losing marbles right now.


About minimalnomad

If you're into MBTI, I'm an ENTP. I enjoy pursuing a more minimal life, and traveling as often as I can. I'd say I spend all of my free money on travelling. I lead a life of great adventure and reflection. I'm involved in marketing and writing, and may go back into professionally editing again. Basically, I just yolo around America and, soon, the world.

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