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I didn’t go steady with my 1k words a day. It’s amazing how much stress can set you back on things you love doing – which is why I am going to mitigate my stress and try to set up a routine. I need to drink more tea (and of course more coffee), do ballroom dance more, and probably fish more. I love all of those things. I’m not a person who gives up easily, and some of the choices I’m making certainly feel like I’m giving up – but it’s not.

It’s starting a different life path.

I’m going to be creating an environment that is conducive to my mental health, and subsequently my success. This is a touch more serious than what I am used to writing about, but such is life. This doesn’t pertain to just writers – this pertains to anyone who is lost or confused. I personally go through an existential crisis everyday. What really keeps me driving towards success is the knowledge that I will be successful. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, although I’m not sure if it’ll be a hundred degrees when I finally break through; however, that is beside the point. The point is, I’d rather be walking out of a tunnel than sitting in it moping and dwelling on how I am in a cold, dark tunnel that smells like sewer rats while everyone outside is already adapting to the well-lit environment of the world beyond the tunnel.


Some Progress

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Well, the purpose of a blog is to be honest, right? Not to garner attention from as many strangers as possible. At least, that is how I look at it.

I’ve slacked off on my book, but I still intend on making a complete product in 85 days. It’s rough writing for a living and writing on the side, but it can be done. It will be done. Time to finish this writing project. It’s boring as anything I’ve ever done, but a job is a job.

Book Progress Post 1

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My Book Specs

  • 4,866 words so far
  • An outline that isn’t extremely detailed, but detailed enough
  • Good feeling of the characters and events already
  • Historical science fiction (does that exist? certainly)
  • Undecided about one character

No Matter What

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It’s time to crack down on this novel writing business. I refuse to be one of those people who sits idly, staring away at their computer screen tweeting and surfing the web.

I will have a published book within two years. I will have my manuscript beautifully mastered within a year. I will make a commitment to make writing my novel like a part time job – I will write at least 1,000 words a day, and I will “take time off” where needed, and as i would do with a regular job. I hope to get my book up to 85,000 words. This means, in no more than 85 days, I have will have a fully written manuscript. Then I shall proceed with the fine tuning and editing – I don’t want an editor to have to do too much work. I know how much of a struggle that can be.

In a year, or less, or roughly, I will be able to provide the title of my book and what it took to write it (by now you may have discerned it takes copious amounts of caffeine). Hopefully I’ll be able to provide exciting details about book signings, but that is in the back of my mind.

This is not about the money, or lack thereof.

This is about accomplishing a great feat.