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Whoa I’m Going Solo

With little editing. Just because. 

Speaking the truth

it tugs on the strings of that heart

whoa whoa whoa

can you feel it pulling?

It puts it in your face

it puts in forward – your disgrace

it puts you in your place

tug tug tug

whoa whoa whoa

can you feeling it pulling?

Can you feel who you are no longer fooling?

You’re no longer in the land of dreams

you’re bursting at your seams

it’s a voice that is reality

seamality dreamality

a fatality

of your outer self

the self you use to lie


the truth

I can’t lie

like you

and say I’m in my right mind

that I can type well

whoa whoa whoa

I can taste this sweet sand on my tongue

the grittiness grates my soul- if there is one

it tears me apart – if I was ever whole

for whatever it pleases

or was I always just in pieces?

Get Rich Quick Folks –

Stop it. Don’t post general comments based on material you didn’t read or re-blog my work without reading it. I appreciate the tactic of using someone with slight credibility to further your name, and I appreciate the appearance that I have dedicated followers but really I seek quality over quantity.

I get extremely excited when someone comments on something I have written and I always take the time to read what is written to me, and I often even check out the kind of people that are following my work so that perhaps I can make better posts for those kinds of people and their interests.

What I dislike is seeing that I am merely a part of someone else’s game. It sure as hell feels like a game. If you’d like to respond intelligently, please do so. But please, I would rather not look at your blog if it has meaningless get-rich-quick information because that is not my jam.

Money is indeed my jam. I’m an entrepreneur. I like money because with money freedom follows; the freedom to express my ideas, beliefs, opinions.

On the other side of the economics coin, I am very aware of how making money works and getting rich quick is all too frequently too good to be true. Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and just stop. You have real talents. Apply them. I am not offended; I’m merely writing a pleasant request to all of those that haphazardly follow or comment on my work with no real thought.

While some of these posts are not intended to be terribly thought provoking, I often seek to expand the reader’s mind in some tiny way. Get rich quick schemes do not expand the mind, they close it. Creativity is boxed in when you try to provide a formula for getting rich quick.

For the folks who want to get rich quick: 

  • Identify a problem.
  • Think very hard about it.
  • Find a solution; tangible or not.
  • Innovate.
  • Create.
  • Good luck.

If you would like a serious economic and/or entrepreneurhsip consulting session, do contact me. Seriously.

Don’t waste your time with fantasies. Your fantasy can become reality with a certain mindset.

As Per Usual

I have developed my grand ideas further, and I’d like to see them to fruition within the next year.

As I’ve progressed speedily through college (as I did high school) I am finding I am not satisfied intellectually or creatively. Sure, I’ve had some creative projects to take on and some extremely intellectually-challenging activities to tackle; somehow, I am never satiated. Perhaps this is because I am innovative. Perhaps this is because I am insane. Either way, my brain is gradually melting out of my ears from general boredom.

It’s for these reasons that I’m becoming more convinced that working for myself is ideal. I can control how difficult my projects are and how long the incubation period is. I can be as off-the-wall as I’d like; the only caveat is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so I must be as equally clever in figuring out how to market what is essentially manifested genius insanity. It is hard to market something completely new, but I’d like to figure out how. I have a few ideas in mind that will set me up for productivity.

  • Work space. I firmly believe that if you surround yourself with that which will make you motivated to be successful, you will ultimately be successful. As a rather visual person what I see drives my actions, whether I see it with my mind’s eye or my actual corporeal eye. If I have my Xbox in front of me, I am inspired to kick some ass on Assassin’s Creed. If I have a book on entrepreneurship in front of me, I am inspired to rise to the top. I tend to get caught in grand ideas and the information my environment provides often ends up in my Mind Factory so that it may be turned into a Great Big Plan. Thus, less clutter is ideal for me.
  • People. Despite what your ultimate goal is, surrounding yourself with the right people is critical. If you desire to be an engineer you probably shouldn’t collaborate with someone who thinks purely artistically, and vice versa. While such interactions have the potential to be beneficial (particularly if the person thinks similarly to you) they may only end up being one small piece of the puzzle. I find that it is key to find those that can drive you closer to your goal. Support appears vital, no matter how independent you are.
  • Wardrobe. Dress for what image you want to portray. Simple as that. I prefer a sharp, intellectual 50’s style when I’m not sporting band tees and aviators.
  • Idea board. I like pictures. I like things that motivate me. I like inspiration. Sometimes the most vital parts of my environment are pictures and phrases. When I am thinking a certain way, my actions naturally follow, pushing me towards whatever I am aspiring to be, or do. An idea board, or visualization board, is just like distraction – it is fun and makes you feel good. Whatever endeavor you are pursuing should not make you feel miserable – what’s the point to life then? The point of an idea board is to make you feel good about what you are doing, and what you will ultimately accomplish, so that you will actually meet your goal. Other people might just feel good about it too.

Welcome to my Mind Palace

Despair furnace room

Being an artist of any kind is a curious sort of thing.






Graphic artist.

Computer programmer.


Whether your artwork is tangible, literary, or makes its home solely in your mind, chances are you do things a touch bit differently. Currently, I am building a “mind palace.” I hope to use this memorization technique as a more powerful tool – one which will annihilate any thoughts which are detrimental to my ultimate success. I started building it yesterday. I have two rooms.

In my study, there sits empty bookshelves (where I will place books I enjoy greatly, with the titles and authors listed) and a small table next to a nice, comfy leather chair, upon which there is a calabash pipe. 

There sits a calabash pipe because I couldn’t remember what the “Sherlock Holmes'” pipe was called. It is my first inventory for my memory.

Across from this room there is a room. It is pitch black and has only two things: a furnace and a punching bag. The furnace is where I will burn images I hold in my head that I loathe so that I may abolish those feelings. Certain feelings can be a driver for me, such as anger. Despair and jealousy are two emotions I will never be keen to possess and any mental images pertaining to those emotions will be burned slowly.

I am actually finding it to be a useful tactic. If you have a great imagination, building your own special mental place is a great way to organize your thoughts. If you’re like me, and think in streams of images, it is nice to be able to destroy them, and the feelings associated with them, so that you may move on and do something a little better than making yourself feel terrible.

Having a cluttered mind is like having a cluttered house. My mind is a hoarder which is why I am unable to escape my mind sometimes. Clarity is the key to everything because it allows you to see the horizon. These aren’t simply pretty words or frivolous fortune cookie phrases – it’s the truth that I live by. Having an inescapable mind hinders you from ultimately fulfilling your potential. Our minds are equipped with all kinds of devices that make us unable to push the envelope and succeed. Fear of failure, rejection, self loathing. Why are there so few people that become ultimately successful?

If you take a look at all of the most innovative successful people of the world, they met failure time and time again. Their parents, friends, family members, peers, professors said it could not be done. 

Anything can be achieved. People seem to deny this fact, but history suggests otherwise. What cannot be achieved? That which one thinks cannot be achieved.

Did Albert Einstein think that his ideas were false? Nay.

Did Henry Ford see his plan as one that would never see fruition? Nay.

Did Nikola Tesla think a death ray couldn’t be created? Nay.

So now that we have the “what can be done” established, we must look at the who.

Why not you? Are you not smart enough? Do you have a memory that isn’t excellent? Are you not creative?

Identify the first mental block before looking at how to overcome it.

Anything can be taught (or nearly anything). If you have a poor memory, definitely create your mind palace. It can be on a lake, where you kayak by different poles with words, definitions, pictures.

It can be inside a giant marshmallow.

It can be birds in the sky cawing words, melodies, objects.

It can literally be anything. I’m just now starting to think about these techniques, and I will discuss my findings later.

Perhaps there will even be pictures.