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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Update on MBTI: The Sensing Types

I had taken a hiatus from blogging about MBTI, so I’m going to pick up where I left off and pretend nothing happened. The next two categories I’d like to cover are:



These are the more common of the personality types: the Guardian and the Artisan. 

The Guardian

The SJ is frequently viewed as the “do-gooder.” They tend to like to follow the rules, trust authority, maintain tradition and convention, and do what works. Once I delve into functions it will become clearer as to why this is. Oftentimes, as SPs do, they tend to become bored with reading anything but factual accounts. Fantasy is not their cup of tea. 

The Artisan

Artisans operate strongly in the physical world. They tend to enjoy tasting and touching everything, which can lead to over-indulgence. They frequently enjoy living in the moment, which can also get them into trouble. They can be extremely direct and people tend to be charmed by their fun-loving natures. 


Find Roommates You Want to Live With

Alrighty folks, I’ve started my crowd funding campaign for my business.

Feel free to contribute to it; any contribution matters, no matter how small. There are a variety of perks to contributing to the campaign, such as getting an awesome shirt designed by me!

If you don’t know, my business centers around using a few different aspects of psychological and personality tendencies to help roommates (especially college-aged folks) find roommates they don’t want to kill on a daily, or weekly, basis. 

I can’t promise monthly yet.

Here is our preliminary site:

Our crowd funding page:

Any suggestions for tee shirts and other wear are greatly appreciated! I will soon post pictures of the various tee shirt designs. In the meantime, feel free to take some (free) tests, send us your results, and get free stuff!

Who doesn’t like free stuff?!


*unicorn breath not actually included; product may vary