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Find Roommates You Want to Live With

Alrighty folks, I’ve started my crowd funding campaign for my business.

Feel free to contribute to it; any contribution matters, no matter how small. There are a variety of perks to contributing to the campaign, such as getting an awesome shirt designed by me!

If you don’t know, my business centers around using a few different aspects of psychological and personality tendencies to help roommates (especially college-aged folks) find roommates they don’t want to kill on a daily, or weekly, basis. 

I can’t promise monthly yet.

Here is our preliminary site:

Our crowd funding page:

Any suggestions for tee shirts and other wear are greatly appreciated! I will soon post pictures of the various tee shirt designs. In the meantime, feel free to take some (free) tests, send us your results, and get free stuff!

Who doesn’t like free stuff?!


*unicorn breath not actually included; product may vary


As Per Usual

I have developed my grand ideas further, and I’d like to see them to fruition within the next year.

As I’ve progressed speedily through college (as I did high school) I am finding I am not satisfied intellectually or creatively. Sure, I’ve had some creative projects to take on and some extremely intellectually-challenging activities to tackle; somehow, I am never satiated. Perhaps this is because I am innovative. Perhaps this is because I am insane. Either way, my brain is gradually melting out of my ears from general boredom.

It’s for these reasons that I’m becoming more convinced that working for myself is ideal. I can control how difficult my projects are and how long the incubation period is. I can be as off-the-wall as I’d like; the only caveat is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so I must be as equally clever in figuring out how to market what is essentially manifested genius insanity. It is hard to market something completely new, but I’d like to figure out how. I have a few ideas in mind that will set me up for productivity.

  • Work space. I firmly believe that if you surround yourself with that which will make you motivated to be successful, you will ultimately be successful. As a rather visual person what I see drives my actions, whether I see it with my mind’s eye or my actual corporeal eye. If I have my Xbox in front of me, I am inspired to kick some ass on Assassin’s Creed. If I have a book on entrepreneurship in front of me, I am inspired to rise to the top. I tend to get caught in grand ideas and the information my environment provides often ends up in my Mind Factory so that it may be turned into a Great Big Plan. Thus, less clutter is ideal for me.
  • People. Despite what your ultimate goal is, surrounding yourself with the right people is critical. If you desire to be an engineer you probably shouldn’t collaborate with someone who thinks purely artistically, and vice versa. While such interactions have the potential to be beneficial (particularly if the person thinks similarly to you) they may only end up being one small piece of the puzzle. I find that it is key to find those that can drive you closer to your goal. Support appears vital, no matter how independent you are.
  • Wardrobe. Dress for what image you want to portray. Simple as that. I prefer a sharp, intellectual 50’s style when I’m not sporting band tees and aviators.
  • Idea board. I like pictures. I like things that motivate me. I like inspiration. Sometimes the most vital parts of my environment are pictures and phrases. When I am thinking a certain way, my actions naturally follow, pushing me towards whatever I am aspiring to be, or do. An idea board, or visualization board, is just like distraction – it is fun and makes you feel good. Whatever endeavor you are pursuing should not make you feel miserable – what’s the point to life then? The point of an idea board is to make you feel good about what you are doing, and what you will ultimately accomplish, so that you will actually meet your goal. Other people might just feel good about it too.

I Have A Brilliant Idea! Snapshot of an Entrepreneur

Hello folks,

In today’s news, I have yet another brilliant idea to add to my list of ideas; however, I am first going to tell you a little bit about myself as I imagine I am somewhat enigmatic.

I’ve always had what I consider to be “brilliant” ideas, from writing books to building transportation based off magnetism (which apparently was a developing idea years ago when I first thought of it) to starting my own companies.

Sometimes, people don’t take my ideas very seriously because I have had the tendency to start an idea and never follow through with it. It isn’t because I get bored (okay, sometimes it is), it is simply that I find out it isn’t right for me or it wasn’t what I thought it would be.

Currently, in order to support my life as a writer, I am going to do something else.

Pursue entrepreneurship.

What is this madness that is always coming out of your mouth?!

You see, this is me. I’ve always had mad ideas; they are simply becoming more refined. A refined madness, if you will. On my journey in entrepreneurship, I imagine I will do much writing, and learning, along the way. Hopefully it will be a fulfilling one which will allow me interesting stories to write about.

I shall now synthesize my list to a few main points:

  • Become a successful author
  • Become a successful entrepreneur
  • Change the world

Idealistic? Perhaps. Realistic? If I keep at it, it is. Which I will do. All I really need to do, to fulfill these goals, is dedicate Q amount of time each week to different aspects I need to work on.

Crackin’ Down, Cracked Out (On Coffee Beans)

Just ate a handful of coffee beans.


I do love coffee, but I need to be caffeinated NOW! Don’t cower dear reader; this is only the beginning.

I’m going to be up all night, dedicated to working on a book I need to write. Writers write. I’m a writer. I gotta crack down.


Different Turtles

The best words that come out of my mouth are the ones that I hardly think about. This may be slightly counter-intuitive- or perhaps completely so- to many; however, in my case, I find that the words I speak are often the truth about what I think, how I feel, or how I perceive. A friend asked me to tell him stories, anything, because he wanted to know who I was. This is how I responded:

Who I am isn’t where I’ve been, although it does add to who I am. It’s like walking from the sand to the ocean. The experience doesn’t make me a different kind of turtle, but it might make me different from other turtles.

Don’t take me for egotistical- I don’t normally quote myself. However, this was a concept I myself had not consciously recognized. Some people think too hard about what they write. Writing should never be forced. Now, that isn’t to say that one shouldn’t revise the daylights out of what they have written. However, when your foundation is forced, you won’t have the same passionate emphasis. I suppose it all depends on the purpose of your writing.

If you find yourself stuck in writing, just let it out. Literally. Typing or writing without thinking is a powerful thing, if you know how to use it correctly.