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My plans are gradually becoming more solidified – MWAHAHAHAHA – HAHAHA- HA *cough* HAHA HA HAAAAA!

No, you don’t understand. I create plans all the time, but they are never solid – well, nearly never. ‘Tis the plight of the ENTP. The general plan is:

1. Kick off business while I am in college

2. Make a few hundred thousand dollars

3. Avoid student loans if possible

4. Graduate with a degree in entrepreneurship (or maybe get into marketing – I have to say, I kind of idealize Mad Men)

5. Continue business; become a millionaire

6. Start a few more businesses; become a supermillionaire 

7. Pursue music to my heart’s content/donate to as many worthy music programs as possible

8. Become a conductor

9. Delve into metaphysics

10. Become a teacher

11. Go to school for the rest of my life


Get Rich Quick Folks –

Stop it. Don’t post general comments based on material you didn’t read or re-blog my work without reading it. I appreciate the tactic of using someone with slight credibility to further your name, and I appreciate the appearance that I have dedicated followers but really I seek quality over quantity.

I get extremely excited when someone comments on something I have written and I always take the time to read what is written to me, and I often even check out the kind of people that are following my work so that perhaps I can make better posts for those kinds of people and their interests.

What I dislike is seeing that I am merely a part of someone else’s game. It sure as hell feels like a game. If you’d like to respond intelligently, please do so. But please, I would rather not look at your blog if it has meaningless get-rich-quick information because that is not my jam.

Money is indeed my jam. I’m an entrepreneur. I like money because with money freedom follows; the freedom to express my ideas, beliefs, opinions.

On the other side of the economics coin, I am very aware of how making money works and getting rich quick is all too frequently too good to be true. Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor and just stop. You have real talents. Apply them. I am not offended; I’m merely writing a pleasant request to all of those that haphazardly follow or comment on my work with no real thought.

While some of these posts are not intended to be terribly thought provoking, I often seek to expand the reader’s mind in some tiny way. Get rich quick schemes do not expand the mind, they close it. Creativity is boxed in when you try to provide a formula for getting rich quick.

For the folks who want to get rich quick: 

  • Identify a problem.
  • Think very hard about it.
  • Find a solution; tangible or not.
  • Innovate.
  • Create.
  • Good luck.

If you would like a serious economic and/or entrepreneurhsip consulting session, do contact me. Seriously.

Don’t waste your time with fantasies. Your fantasy can become reality with a certain mindset.

Welcome to my Mind Palace

Despair furnace room

Being an artist of any kind is a curious sort of thing.






Graphic artist.

Computer programmer.


Whether your artwork is tangible, literary, or makes its home solely in your mind, chances are you do things a touch bit differently. Currently, I am building a “mind palace.” I hope to use this memorization technique as a more powerful tool – one which will annihilate any thoughts which are detrimental to my ultimate success. I started building it yesterday. I have two rooms.

In my study, there sits empty bookshelves (where I will place books I enjoy greatly, with the titles and authors listed) and a small table next to a nice, comfy leather chair, upon which there is a calabash pipe. 

There sits a calabash pipe because I couldn’t remember what the “Sherlock Holmes'” pipe was called. It is my first inventory for my memory.

Across from this room there is a room. It is pitch black and has only two things: a furnace and a punching bag. The furnace is where I will burn images I hold in my head that I loathe so that I may abolish those feelings. Certain feelings can be a driver for me, such as anger. Despair and jealousy are two emotions I will never be keen to possess and any mental images pertaining to those emotions will be burned slowly.

I am actually finding it to be a useful tactic. If you have a great imagination, building your own special mental place is a great way to organize your thoughts. If you’re like me, and think in streams of images, it is nice to be able to destroy them, and the feelings associated with them, so that you may move on and do something a little better than making yourself feel terrible.

Having a cluttered mind is like having a cluttered house. My mind is a hoarder which is why I am unable to escape my mind sometimes. Clarity is the key to everything because it allows you to see the horizon. These aren’t simply pretty words or frivolous fortune cookie phrases – it’s the truth that I live by. Having an inescapable mind hinders you from ultimately fulfilling your potential. Our minds are equipped with all kinds of devices that make us unable to push the envelope and succeed. Fear of failure, rejection, self loathing. Why are there so few people that become ultimately successful?

If you take a look at all of the most innovative successful people of the world, they met failure time and time again. Their parents, friends, family members, peers, professors said it could not be done. 

Anything can be achieved. People seem to deny this fact, but history suggests otherwise. What cannot be achieved? That which one thinks cannot be achieved.

Did Albert Einstein think that his ideas were false? Nay.

Did Henry Ford see his plan as one that would never see fruition? Nay.

Did Nikola Tesla think a death ray couldn’t be created? Nay.

So now that we have the “what can be done” established, we must look at the who.

Why not you? Are you not smart enough? Do you have a memory that isn’t excellent? Are you not creative?

Identify the first mental block before looking at how to overcome it.

Anything can be taught (or nearly anything). If you have a poor memory, definitely create your mind palace. It can be on a lake, where you kayak by different poles with words, definitions, pictures.

It can be inside a giant marshmallow.

It can be birds in the sky cawing words, melodies, objects.

It can literally be anything. I’m just now starting to think about these techniques, and I will discuss my findings later.

Perhaps there will even be pictures.

I Have A Brilliant Idea! Snapshot of an Entrepreneur

Hello folks,

In today’s news, I have yet another brilliant idea to add to my list of ideas; however, I am first going to tell you a little bit about myself as I imagine I am somewhat enigmatic.

I’ve always had what I consider to be “brilliant” ideas, from writing books to building transportation based off magnetism (which apparently was a developing idea years ago when I first thought of it) to starting my own companies.

Sometimes, people don’t take my ideas very seriously because I have had the tendency to start an idea and never follow through with it. It isn’t because I get bored (okay, sometimes it is), it is simply that I find out it isn’t right for me or it wasn’t what I thought it would be.

Currently, in order to support my life as a writer, I am going to do something else.

Pursue entrepreneurship.

What is this madness that is always coming out of your mouth?!

You see, this is me. I’ve always had mad ideas; they are simply becoming more refined. A refined madness, if you will. On my journey in entrepreneurship, I imagine I will do much writing, and learning, along the way. Hopefully it will be a fulfilling one which will allow me interesting stories to write about.

I shall now synthesize my list to a few main points:

  • Become a successful author
  • Become a successful entrepreneur
  • Change the world

Idealistic? Perhaps. Realistic? If I keep at it, it is. Which I will do. All I really need to do, to fulfill these goals, is dedicate Q amount of time each week to different aspects I need to work on.

Sherlock Holmes: BBC Version

I didn’t think it was possible for me to like something as much as Dr. Who. I think I might just like Sherlock Holmes more.

It’s unfathomable. I don’t understand. My entire world has shattered into little pieces. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now. It is especially important that you watch it if you like extremely intellectually stimulating shows that mix in psychology and provide an excellent mental puzzle.


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I didn’t go steady with my 1k words a day. It’s amazing how much stress can set you back on things you love doing – which is why I am going to mitigate my stress and try to set up a routine. I need to drink more tea (and of course more coffee), do ballroom dance more, and probably fish more. I love all of those things. I’m not a person who gives up easily, and some of the choices I’m making certainly feel like I’m giving up – but it’s not.

It’s starting a different life path.

I’m going to be creating an environment that is conducive to my mental health, and subsequently my success. This is a touch more serious than what I am used to writing about, but such is life. This doesn’t pertain to just writers – this pertains to anyone who is lost or confused. I personally go through an existential crisis everyday. What really keeps me driving towards success is the knowledge that I will be successful. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, although I’m not sure if it’ll be a hundred degrees when I finally break through; however, that is beside the point. The point is, I’d rather be walking out of a tunnel than sitting in it moping and dwelling on how I am in a cold, dark tunnel that smells like sewer rats while everyone outside is already adapting to the well-lit environment of the world beyond the tunnel.

Some Progress

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Well, the purpose of a blog is to be honest, right? Not to garner attention from as many strangers as possible. At least, that is how I look at it.

I’ve slacked off on my book, but I still intend on making a complete product in 85 days. It’s rough writing for a living and writing on the side, but it can be done. It will be done. Time to finish this writing project. It’s boring as anything I’ve ever done, but a job is a job.