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Whoa I’m Going Solo

With little editing. Just because. 

Speaking the truth

it tugs on the strings of that heart

whoa whoa whoa

can you feel it pulling?

It puts it in your face

it puts in forward – your disgrace

it puts you in your place

tug tug tug

whoa whoa whoa

can you feeling it pulling?

Can you feel who you are no longer fooling?

You’re no longer in the land of dreams

you’re bursting at your seams

it’s a voice that is reality

seamality dreamality

a fatality

of your outer self

the self you use to lie


the truth

I can’t lie

like you

and say I’m in my right mind

that I can type well

whoa whoa whoa

I can taste this sweet sand on my tongue

the grittiness grates my soul- if there is one

it tears me apart – if I was ever whole

for whatever it pleases

or was I always just in pieces?


Valentine’s Day Poetry?

To my dear Benjamin Franklin.
I glance upon soft whispering eyes,
Your mind soars,
And your heart sighs,
Oft the dreams of what ought to be, 
Stretch before your mind, an open sea,
Whilst- pen to paper- you jot your words,
Lace covered knives that should pierce like swords,
For ’twas the nature of that ne’er shy irony,
And though some drew fast their long-held blinds,
Others heeded and used their minds.


A lot of people run away once they hear poetry come out of someone’s mouth. In fact, once you hit “po-” they may run away, intuitively knowing what scary syllables may come next. I, for one, adore some poetry (the operating word here being “some”) and used to write it fervently- especially during my more emotional middle school years. Since then, I’ve sobered up, but I’ve found that my poetic tendencies remain. As such, I am going to start pursuing poetry with more fervor, and perhaps put up some of my work.

I know, I know! All talk, and no work yet? Well, firstly- this blog is a good example of my work (sans editing). Secondly- good point. I’ll start posting words that are somewhat organized with perhaps a cadence about them on my blog. As long as no one steals my work. You don’t want to know what I’d do then.

This is the introduction to the end of my hiatus! Perhaps I’ll be back. Or not.